Message for Contributors

We are writing to inform you about a significant Serbian national project – FATHER the Movie – making of the first historical feature film about the lives of Saint Sava and Stefan Nemanja, and the very beginnings of Serbian statehood!

This undertaking has received the support of several Serbian institutions and personages, and most importantly the support of the brotherhood of The Holy Monastery Hilandar.

The film is a part of a larger project - a crucial battle for the preservation of Serbian national identity, restoration of our value system and survival of the most positive part of our national being, the part that makes us special in the global family of nations.

The Founder's Mosaic - online mosaic of the Serbian spiritual restoration can be found on the following page.

You can join others on The Founder’s Mosaic with the donation at the very beginning, when mutual recognition and the power that comes of it is most needed.

Take part in laying the foundation of Serbian spiritual restoration!


By Nebojsa Tomic