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At the online presentation of the film Father, you will be able follow the development of the screenplay for the film, give your comments and suggestions, find interesting material that is used in the development of the Film, together with images, illustrations, historical records, video and audio recordings from the Holy Mountain, where most part of the plot of the film takes place.

How can someone engage in an extensive family of those who feel insufficiently worthy heirs of the great Fathers, primarily Sava and Simeon, and of those who want to do something so that the attitude of the Serbs towards the holy founders of the nation change?

We are awaiting signing of an agreement with a banking institution on online payments by credit cards, so that all interested parties in the country and around the world were allowed easier participation.

Until then, on offer is an opportunity to participate in the project by donating a desired amount via online payments by credit cards or payment to the account of the Foundation Heritage of the Fathers.

All who have donated any amount will become members of the Friends of the Film Club and will be able to follow the development of the screenplay, and when the time comes – auditions for certain roles – together with certain extra content that will not be available to everyone. As a symbolic token of appreciation – anyone who donates 20 euro, or equivalent, will receive a block in the great Patron Mosaic located on the Internet presentation of the Film at Higher contributions correspond to more blocks in the Mosaic. Each block carries the name of its patron and sports a link to an Internet location of choice of the new Friend of the Film (personal or business website, Facebook page, etc.)

Take your place among the first who will contribute and appear on ktetor's mosaic. Give an example in the first call!

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By Nebojsa Tomic